Educator's DVD and Toolkit Boxed 2nd Edition

$75.00 from Lee Hirsch on Vimeo.

The Educator’s DVD and Toolkit comes with an in-school public screening license, as well as tools and resources designed to ignite meaningful dialogue and prevent bullying by developing a respectful school community. Now revised with more assets and aligned to Common Core State Standards, this kit is built to enable all members of the community to become an agent of lasting change and create Social and Emotional Learning education reform.


  • Bully Theatrical DVD and DVD Extras (The full length theatrical version of BULLY runs 99 minutes, 94 if you skip the end credits. It comes with English subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired and Spanish subtitles.)
  • BULLY for Younger Audiences (This special version of BULLY excludes mature themed topics such as suicide and gun violence. The film features the story of Alex, a 14-year-old boy with Asperger's Syndrome, and Kelby, a 16-year-old girl who was bullied after she came out as gay. This version has a run time of 47 minutes.)
  • NEW! Facing History and Ourselves “Guide to the Film BULLY” and online workshop 
  • NEW! Welcome Letter from Lee (Lee’s offers his advice how to use your toolkit!)
  • Roadmap to Building a Caring and Respectful School Community
    • NEW! Taking Action On Your Own and School Project cards (UPDATED tips on how to get students and schools INVOLVED) 
    • USB Flash Drive with BULLY for Younger Audiences and Portable Tools and Resources including:
      • NEW! BULLY Project Timeline (The timeline provides strategy and framework on how to make the materials in the Kit work for your school all year long)
      • NEW! School Climate Surveys (This includes information from organizations that can help your school conduct and interpret climate surveys.)
      • NEW! Common Core Standard Supplement (These activities align BULLY with Common Core Standards!)
      • NCLD Bullying and Special Needs
      • NEW! Graphics Toolkit (Tools to help you create your own resources!)
      • Not In Our School Quick Start Guide
      • NEW! NCLD School Kit (Detailed advice about Learning Disabilities and  Schools)
      • Common Sense Media lesson plans on Cyberbullying
      • Welcoming Schools Bullying Tips
      • NEW! Five Keys to Successful Social and Emotional Learning (This video from Edutopia educates on what SEL is)
      • NEW! Relationship Mapping Exercise Guide (Resource that details how to do successful Relationship Mapping exercises in your school) 
      • NEW! Peace First SEL in the Classroom (Resource that outlines SEL exercises for younger students)
      • NEW! Bully Screening Postcard for Students (Resource that makes it easy to print postcards with tips on how to handle bullying situations)
    • Dry-Erase BULLY Classroom Poster
    • Principal’s Pledge Poster
    • BULLY Stickers
      License Details:

        These BULLY Educational DVDs come with a public screening license for Educational Facilities, organizations servicing youth, and municipal, town or other government venues. All such exhibitions must include educational presentations and/or activities before and/or after the screening. No admission can be charged and this license excludes commercial theaters and College/University screenings outside of the classroom. This license extends only to the site for which it is purchased.

        The Educator's DVD and Toolkit is a Region 1 DVD that features an English audio track with English and Spanish subtitles available. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds and all sales are final.

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